Socially Conscious Investors

Your Needs

  • As a socially conscious (or socially responsible, "SRI") investor, you need to know that your invested dollars are doing some good in the world. 
  • When possible, you want to avoid investing in things like weapons, tobacco, alcohol, and casinos.
  • You need your dollars to make an impact in society, encouraging fair employment practices and community development.
  • You have environmental concerns and prefer your dollars directed towards companies that invest in sustainable energy sources. 

Our Solutions

  • Socially conscious portfolios for accounts of any size
  • Continuous research regarding investment options and managers in the SRI space
  • "Pure" SRI portfolios for true peace of mind
  • "Hybrid" SRI portfolios that align with our traditional actively managed portfolios, but utilize socially responsible positions where appropriate

Reference Documents

Many of the investments in our ESG portfolios are with Nuveen (a TIAA company).  Below is a a piece that they publish detailing their lineup of socially conscious investments.  

Nuveen ESG ETFs - Marketing Piece (pdf)


Going Green with Your Investments

Socially Responsible Investing