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Building Emergency Reserves

We worked with a family led by two medical professionals. They came to us concerned about job security due to previous layoffs, an unstable company, and a saturated market. Having shown a pattern for saving, they were good candidates to build emergency reserves equivalent to one year of one salary. We helped them to invest the reserves conservatively, yet with an opportunity to maintain liquidity, should they need it.  This planning paid off just a few years later, when one of the spouses was unfortunately laid off and unemployed for several months. 

Reducing Debt & Saving

We worked with a middle-aged  executive who had been very successful in her career. She was rewarded with a large salary and bonus. She lived in a large home in an affluent community, drove an expensive car, and purchased a vacation home. She met with us about retirement planning, and what she got was a reality check. We pointed out the fact that she hadn't accumulated sufficient assets, expenses were increasing, and her current lifestyle wasn't sustainable in retirement unless she made changes.  We worked with her to eliminate debt and monitor her expenditures, which allowed her to begin saving at a rate that would allow her to afford retirement when she envisioned it. 


A couple came to us with their intent to divorce. While they had reached the decision to dissolve their marriage, they were intent on minimizing the impact on their children and maintaining their familial relationship and economic status. Through planning the couple was able to ensure that both members of the couple would leave the marriage with a stable home in their chosen community, an automobile, adequate cash flow to provide for their family, and a college plan for their children.

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