Your Goals

Each client is at a different stage in life, and we work with you to establish your goals and ensure that your financial plan is aligned with those goals.

Life Stage 3: mid 60s-onward

Start Your Second Act: You deserve a comfortable retirement. You’ve worked hard, and now you need steady monthly income from your investments so you don’t run out of money. You want to enjoy your life–travel, entertain, give gifts to grandchildren!

Retirees come to us with these goals/concerns:

  • You want to preserve your capital, but you may be worried about your income keeping pace with inflation
  • You know that the bank won’t provide the return you need on your investment money, but the stock market is a scary place
  • You may be carrying more life insurance than you need (and more than you should be paying for)
  • You worry about protecting your assets (and your children’s inheritance) from costs like long-term care and/or assisted living expenses


We’re here to help you make the rest of your life work financially, with the assets you have now, hopefully as you planned it. The relationship we have with our retired clients is a challenging one, but it’s extremely important to us, because it’s all about trust.