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Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment

Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment Began November 1st Know anyone that doesn’t have access to health insurance through their employer or the federal government via Medicare, Medicaid, etc.?  The open enrollment period for health insurance plans purchased on healthcare exchanges set up by the Affordable Care Act (commonly referred to as Obamacare) began on November 1, 2017.  The enrollment period will run through December 15, 2017 in all states, and longer in a small number of others. For our local clients, here is a list of the surrounding the states that are exceptions to the December 15th deadline: Massachusetts: January
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Elder Abuse

As many of our clients age into their golden years, we remain committed to providing them the best service and financial guidance possible. Sometimes that takes on a new meaning if we have concerns about cognitive abilities and/or someone being taken advantage of by a friend, family member, or other trusted advisor. Financial exploitation of elders is unfortunately a real issue in our society, and one that could easily fly under the radar if people aren’t paying attention.  We will be paying attention. With the help of our friends at Old Colony Elder Services, we have recently begun establishing some
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Smart With Money Financial Fair – Winter Recap!

Imagine if you had a day to “try out” all the financial decisions a young adult would need to make…Would you make the right choices? Here's a quick recap of our 3rd Smart With Money Finance Fair put on for the Marshfield High School students December 17th.
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