Managing your financial life is not just about money.

Radio Recap – Issues Facing Young Couples

We had a great show this past Saturday with couples counselor, David Wall of MassBay Counseling, and divorce attorney Carolyn “Cici” van Tine with Burns & Levinson. Money, unfortunately, is the root of many problems that married couples have. David says that simple communication is often the key to working out these issues and avoiding them in the future. I find that couples that live with a budget (notice I didn’t say “live ON a budget”) have a much easier time reaching their financial goals. Making a budget is hard, but a few nights on the couch with a bottle of wine should do the trick. Life is expensive, especially if you have kids. Homes are more expensive today (relative to incomes) than they were a couple generations ago. College is a daunting expense, but one that many couples take on for their children. Couples need a plan! Both spouses work in many relationships, which leads to added stress and “burn out,” as Cici called it. David quoted a study regarding how likely a spouse was to cheat on his/her spouse, and how the odds changed with income levels. This is one of the best shows I have done in recent months. Good information and great company on the air. David is trying to change the way counselors are portrayed. “Marriage Maintenance Counseling” might be his new thing, and I am sold!  Check out our podcast on our website or through the podcast app.

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