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Do I chose to work part-time in retirement?

This is article number three in a series on retirement. In this article I answer questions 3 and 4 of 32 questions you need to answer before you retire. I have no idea how many articles will follow this one, but eventually I will address all 32 questions. Do I choose to work part-time in retirement? No, this is not a dumb question.  More and more folks I work with choose to work some for the first few years of retirement.  Some just need to keep active, and those part time earnings get used for fun things, or kids and
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When do I want to retire?

  This is article number two in a series. In the previous article I listed 32 questions that everyone must answer before making a decision to retire (the biggest financial decision of your life).  In this article I will begin helping you answer these questions. This will take a few more articles. When do I want to retire? First of all, I hope that you are asking this question in your thirties and forties. If so, you have a lot more time to get it right than if you start asking this question in your fifties and sixties. When thinking
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What’s the biggest financial decision that you will make in your life?

  Question: What is the biggest financial decision that you will make in your life? Answer: Determining when you can retire comfortably and confidently. What follows is a list of questions everyone who is planning to retire must answer.  I am going to spend the next few articles that I write in this paper helping my readers answer these questions.  And because the answers to these questions are mighty important, I am going to go a bit above and beyond just writing these articles. First, I will post all of these questions and answers on my website …. so
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The One Big Step That Will Allow You to Live Comfortably in Retirement

We all need help being money-smart. Each of our Marshfield Mariner articles allow the team from McNamara Financial to tackle an issue that will build your financial planning skills. In this article, we’re discussing retirement. Living comfortably after we stop working is everyone’s goal. One way to help ensure that is to go into retirement mortgage-free. In “Money Talk: How to retire and live happily ever after,” Mike McNamara explains how retiring your mortgage at the same time you retire from work will eliminate your biggest expense at a time when income is also scaling back. Unfortunately, with the average homeowner
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Navigating the Maze of Social Security: There is Help!

  Sometimes understanding government benefits, such as social security benefits, can be overwhelming.There are many myths and misunderstandings about what Social Security is and how it works. Ever feel like you’re stuck in a maze of information and processes? Don’t hit roadblocks as you plan for retirement. Join McNamara Financial Services on May 14th as we host Social Security Expert Kurt Czarnowski, a 34-year veteran of the Social Security Administration, who will present on Social Security issues for those who are near or contemplating retirement. With better healthcare and longer life expectancy, we can anticipate spending more time in retirement than our parents and
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Maybe It’s You

When it comes to investing, many folks have had bad experiences that have left them disappointed, mad or just plain scared. Mike offers some real world examples of bad investment behavior.
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