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When do I want to retire?

  This is article number two in a series. In the previous article I listed 32 questions that everyone must answer before making a decision to retire (the biggest financial decision of your life).  In this article I will begin helping you answer these questions. This will take a few more articles. When do I want to retire? First of all, I hope that you are asking this question in your thirties and forties. If so, you have a lot more time to get it right than if you start asking this question in your fifties and sixties. When thinking
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What’s the biggest financial decision that you will make in your life?

  Question: What is the biggest financial decision that you will make in your life? Answer: Determining when you can retire comfortably and confidently. What follows is a list of questions everyone who is planning to retire must answer.  I am going to spend the next few articles that I write in this paper helping my readers answer these questions.  And because the answers to these questions are mighty important, I am going to go a bit above and beyond just writing these articles. First, I will post all of these questions and answers on my website …. so
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Dow Jones 20,000, It’s Just a Number Well, it’s a good number, but still just a number.  The press, and many people get a little too hung up when the stock market hits a big round number, and 20,000 is the biggest round number we have seen to date. There will be a number of articles and commentary that appear strongly suggesting that this historical bull market has a long way to go for any number of very plausible reasons.  There will be an equal number of articles and commentary predicting that this market is overpriced, will soon take a
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Annual Financial Checklist

Take some time every January to review your financial affairs.  And take some time every December to review your tax liability.  Looking back over the last calendar year, what went well?  What went poorly?  What needs some attention? What needs fixing, and how are you going to fix it?   Is your Comprehensive, Written Financial Plan on schedule? Are your Emergency Reserves adequate? Is the size of your Nest Egg on schedule for retirement? Are you working down your Debt on schedule? Is the date you have chosen to retire still good? Is your College Funding plan on track? How
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What you need to know about Estate Taxes

We had another great radio program this past weekend with Attorney Eric Oalican of Oalican Law Group. I wasn’t sure if it was possible to make Estate Tax Planning fun, but Eric did it.  I guess fun for me is different than fun for most people, but regardless it was an informative and entertaining show. As Eric and I discussed, if your net worth at death is over $1 million in Massachusetts, you will have an estate tax liability. If you want to avoid/minimize/deal with it, there are options. Eric explained (in simple, non-lawyer-y terms) gifting strategies, life insurance strategies, and
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Smart With Money Financial Fair – Winter Recap!

Imagine if you had a day to “try out” all the financial decisions a young adult would need to make…Would you make the right choices? Here's a quick recap of our 3rd Smart With Money Finance Fair put on for the Marshfield High School students December 17th.
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