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What you need to know about Estate Taxes

We had another great radio program this past weekend with Attorney Eric Oalican of Oalican Law Group. I wasn’t sure if it was possible to make Estate Tax Planning fun, but Eric did it.  I guess fun for me is different than fun for most people, but regardless it was an informative and entertaining show. As Eric and I discussed, if your net worth at death is over $1 million in Massachusetts, you will have an estate tax liability. If you want to avoid/minimize/deal with it, there are options. Eric explained (in simple, non-lawyer-y terms) gifting strategies, life insurance strategies, and
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Radio Recap – Issues Facing Young Couples

We had a great show this past Saturday with couples counselor, David Wall of MassBay Counseling, and divorce attorney Carolyn “Cici” van Tine with Burns & Levinson. Money, unfortunately, is the root of many problems that married couples have. David says that simple communication is often the key to working out these issues and avoiding them in the future. I find that couples that live with a budget (notice I didn’t say “live ON a budget”) have a much easier time reaching their financial goals. Making a budget is hard, but a few nights on the couch with a bottle of
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