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Elder Abuse

As many of our clients age into their golden years, we remain committed to providing them the best service and financial guidance possible. Sometimes that takes on a new meaning if we have concerns about cognitive abilities and/or someone being taken advantage of by a friend, family member, or other trusted advisor. Financial exploitation of elders is unfortunately a real issue in our society, and one that could easily fly under the radar if people aren’t paying attention.  We will be paying attention. With the help of our friends at Old Colony Elder Services, we have recently begun establishing some
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Smart with Money Fair – Volunteers Needed!

  The 4th annual Marshfield High School Smart with Money Fair will be held March 7th and 8th, and for the first time, will be open to the entire senior class at Marshfield High (350 students) ! This is an incredibly educational event that teaches students lessons in personal finance such as: budgeting saving not relying on credit investing and plain old “figure out how much life really costs”! Because of the two day commitment this year, we are having more trouble than usual recruiting local businesses and volunteers to help out. If you have some free time, please consider
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Being a Smart Buyer

From what I understand, the real estate market in some areas is quite competitive these days. In competitive markets, when sellers receive multiple offers, it’s important for buyers to be “attractive.” The most attractive buyer isn’t necessarily the one with the highest offer; it could be the one that doesn’t need a mortgage to purchase. One strategy that buyers can utilize (and realtors may even recommend) to position themselves attractively for a home purchase is to borrow from a retirement plan, purchase the property with cash, then obtain a mortgage after the purchase and put the money back into the
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An Unpredictable Market

According to Investopedia the definition of a bubble is “ a surge in equity (stock) prices, often more than warranted by fundamentals…”. defines a volatile market as “unpredictable and vigorous changes in price within the stock market”. For purposes of this essay, we will be discussing downward volatility, which is bad. For some reason, people generally don’t mind upward volatility
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Smart With Money Financial Fair – Winter Recap!

Imagine if you had a day to “try out” all the financial decisions a young adult would need to make…Would you make the right choices? Here's a quick recap of our 3rd Smart With Money Finance Fair put on for the Marshfield High School students December 17th.
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Overspending with Credit

Credit card companies are doing a great job of turning people into over spenders. Alyssa tests her theory that people will spend less without access to a credit card. Will she spend more or less with only cash in her pocket?
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