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FPA Annual Conference Recap

Last month Kirk and Justin attended the Financial Planning Association’s annual conference in Nashville.  The annual FPA conference is one of the country’s largest gatherings for financial professionals. It is a great opportunity to keep up with what is happening in our industry. Here are a few of our takeaways...
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Socially Responsible Investing

Social Responsible Investing is defined as an investment that adds the goal of a social good of some kind to the broader investment goal of purely making money.  However, the terms ‘social good’ and ‘socially responsible’ mean different things to different people.  I’m guessing there would be broad agreement that a hypothetical mutual fund that invests in tobacco companies would not be considered a socially responsible investment.  But what is?  The good news is that there are plenty of options, so most investors will be able to find something that fits their preferences. The most common types of socially responsible
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Maybe you need an SMF, or at least the budget

We just finished up the 4th annual Marshfield High School Smart with Money Fair.  One student said to me, “life is expensive, I better get a good job!”  At that point, I was done. It was all worth it. I realized that the budget sheet the students worked with might actually be helpful for adults.  It’s incredibly comprehensive.  The idea was to account for all expenses you have in real life, and I think we did a pretty good job. Hey guess what?  Life IS expensive, and you’d better think about where your money goes when you spend it!  Maybe
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Smart With Money Financial Fair – Winter Recap!

Imagine if you had a day to “try out” all the financial decisions a young adult would need to make…Would you make the right choices? Here's a quick recap of our 3rd Smart With Money Finance Fair put on for the Marshfield High School students December 17th.
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Fun Facts about McNamara Financial Services

Captain Mike McNamara has a 100 ton Master Sea Captain license and is a serious recreational fisherman. Mike is presently Chair of the Marshfield Waterways Committee (the Committee recommends procedures, policies, etc. to the Board of Selectmen on matters pertaining to safety, navigation, recreational activities and more for Marshfield’s waterways). McNamara Financial Services proudly supports local community groups and causes such as Marshfield High School Boosters, Marshfield Food Pantry and Marshfield Community Christmas.                     This summer, we’ll be more visible supporting some fantastic community events – starting with the Duxbury Bay
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